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Dark's Pandemonium Carnival

January 25th, 2016

Mental Spew @ 03:56 am

Having rather forgot about my page here on livejournal and after taking a sabbatical from pretty much everything... I'm trying to assess what I want to write and what I want to continue with or disregard. Shrugs. Basically, I haven't got a fucking clue what I want to do. It will probably come in fits and starts. It might be spewed in gigantic globs or be sprinkled out over days, weeks, months. It might be personal observations or more fanfic though I'm thinking that the fiction might stay over at FF net. Again, who knows. It's four am here and I have yet another night of no sleep so now is probably not a good time to try and think.

July 16th, 2013

Thor 2: The Dark World Spoilers @ 02:16 pm

Yeah, ok, loved Thor and couldn't wait to know the plot of Thor 2 and what happened....especially to Loki (yeah, yeah villain groupie, let's move on) so after much digging I found info on the plot as well as a really spoil(y) image (which I'm not going to post). So if you want to know what I found out about the plot of Thor 2, it's under the cut. If you don't to be spoiled then GO AWAY.


July 5th, 2013

Redemption is a Process (A Heroes Story) (Chapter'd) @ 10:23 am

Title: Redemption is a Process: A Heroes Story
Verse: Heroes
Characters: Sylar/Gabriel Gray, Claire Bennet, Noah Bennet, Angela Petrelli, Peter Petrelli, Mohinder Suresh, and more of the ensemble cast
Stats: Words: 66,177
Rating: PG13. Some material may not be suitable for kids under 13. Violence and some sexual content.

My Enemy, My Brother (A ST:NG Story) Chapter'd @ 09:35 am

Title: My Enemy, My Brother
Verse: Star Trek: Next Generation
Characters: Data, Lore, Jean'Luc Picard, Bruce Maddox, Enterprise crew
Pairings: Data/Lore as brothers
Stats: 25,362 words
Rating: PG13, some violence, adult situations and language
Summary: The Enterprise returns to Data's homeworld to solve the mystery of what happened to the colonists and finds much more than they bargained for.

Notes: One of the most cliche tropes of movies and TV is that of the evil twin. I happen to like a good, evil twin story. If done well, it gives the actor a chance to really like his freak flag fly and cut loose with some serious evil. I really liked the whole Data/Lore concept though I wasn't completely sold on the writing (especially of the initial episode) sooo being a villain groupie, I wrote my own version of the episode.

Up to the point of Lore's activation I followed the outline of the script. After Lore is awake the story only loosely follows the original. It was necessary for me to write this story as I have already started on a Lore story set during the time with the Borg and beyond but I had changed so many small details, I felt I need an explanation story. So Lore gets a new(ish) backstory. I hope you enjoy it.


July 4th, 2013

Not So Smart After All (A Sherlock Story) Chapter'd @ 12:40 pm

Title: Not So Smart After All
Verse: BBC Sherlock
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, James Watson, Mycroft Holmes
Pairings: Sherlock/John Friendship
Rating: Teen, Drug Use

You know how it goes when you get an idea stuck in your head and it won't go away. Well, I just couldn't help but wonder after two (or more?) thorough searches of 221B Baker Street in an effort to find illicit substances and coming up with nothing… where a clever drug addict might hide his stash… because not only was that pretty definitely stated as canon in season 2 but I'm sorry that scene of Sherlock jonz'ing for cigarettes? Yeahhhhh, not buying it, he's just way too hyped up. Anyway, so I'm thinking about if I was searching and was dealing with someone as clever as Sherlock… where would he hide them? It quickly clicked for me and then I thought about what if John found out the hard way (I know it might be a little OOC for John but I don't think entirely improbable.)

Fear of Flying (A Red Eye Story) Chapter'd @ 08:38 am

Title: Fear of Flying
Verse: Red Eye
Characters: Lisa Reisert, Jackson Rippner, ensemble
Pairing: Lisa/Jackson
Stats: 24,401 words
Rating: Teen+
Plot: Story picks up at the end of the movie. Jackson is in the hospital under guard and Lisa and her father are safe. That should have been the end of the horrible events of the red eye flight to Miami. It should have, but it wasn't... It seemed that they were destined to be in each others lives, no matter what either had to say about it.

Note: It's become much easier to just link to my stories in an already chapter'd format rather than have to upload them here. This will allow you to read them in one chapter at a time or all at once. Plus they will always be updated and you just have to click the link.


July 3rd, 2013

Conversation with the Devil - A Sherlock Story @ 11:54 am

Title: Conversation with the Devil (Chapter'd)
Verse: BBC Sherlock
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, James Moriarty
Pairing: None, protagonist and antagonist
Rating: Teen
Summary: What could Moriarty possible say to Sherlock to tempt him to the darkside.... five little words.

Look Right HereCollapse )

Family Obligations: Daddy Dearest (Chapter'd) @ 10:41 am

Title: Family Obligations: Daddy Dearest
Verse: The Dark Knight
Characters: Bruce Wayne/Batman, Jackson Wayne/The Joker, Jim Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth, ensemble
Stats: 13,250 words
Rating: PG13, some violence, references to child abuse
Summary: Fits into the Family Obligations series where everything is canon from the Dark Knight but with the added plot point that Bruce Wayne and the Joker are actually brothers. The Joker is wounded and on the run. The Gotham PD is closing in, so he takes refuge with a most unusual child.


July 2nd, 2013

Family Obligations: The Discovery (Chapter'd) @ 10:33 am

Title: Family Obligations: The Discovery
Verse: The Dark Knight
Characters: Bruce Wayne/Batman, Jackson Wayne/ The Joker, Jim Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth, ensemble
Stats: 12,131 words
Rating: PG13, some violence
Summary: Picks up right after The Dark Knight ends... follows canon but with one idea added. Bruce Wayne had a baby brother that died at six months old... or so he thought. A  revealed secret will shake the very foundation of Bruce's life when he finds out that not only is his brother still alive but that he's in Gotham.

March 29th, 2013

My Enemy, My Brother @ 10:02 am

Title: STNG: Data/Lore
Universe: Star Trek: Next Generation
Characters: Data, Lore, Picard, and the rest of the crew
Pairings: No romantic pairings
Rating: PG13, some violence and adult situations and language
Summary: Picard is suspicious, Data is confused and Lore would rather die... or kill.. than go back to Omicron Theta.

PART 3Collapse )

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